Mondial "Hüttengaudi"

Our 2017- Company Summer Event

Daniela Kurz
1 September 2017

One of our core businesses is to organise (company) events and dinner parties for our dear clients. But once a year, it’s time for us to celebrate ourselves, our hard word and dedication and throw a company event and summer party for the whole Mondial team. 

This year’s company summer party took place on the theme of “Hüttengaudi”. Reason enough to dress-up in our traditional costume “Dirndl” and “Lederhose” and hit the dancefloor. 

With its traditional “alpine” atmosphere, the Vienna Prateralm was the ideal location for the Mondial-Hüttengaudi summer party.

Dinner was served in a traditional Austrian way with solid culinary delights such as Käsespätzle (Austrian version of Mac and Cheese), Schnitzel and Co.

After dinner, we had the opportunity to prove our skill at the "Alpine Triathlon". The disciplines: Stemming a Stein, Milking Competition and Nailing Competition.

Stemming a Stein:

Most important at stemming a stein is to keep cool and to clench one’s teeth. Goal: Who is able to stem the water-filled steins the longest with a spread-eagled (!) arm?

Milking Competition:

The goal in the milking competition was to milk as much water as possible from a silicone udder.

Nailing Competition:

In nailing, the aim was to sink a nail with as few punches as possible into a wood trunk with the flat side of a hammer. Pretty tricky.

Late at night, we danced the night away to all-time classics and après ski hits.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Mondial Hüttengaudi summer party!