"Meissl & Schadn" - the New Restaurant at Grand Ferdinand Hotel

Old-Viennese Dishes for Real Gourmets and Schnitzellovers

Daniela Kurz
28 September 2017

In Austria, the Wiener Schnitzel isn’t just a piece of veal, it is a part of Austria...

The Styrian hotelier Florian Weitzer is mixing up the Viennese culinary scene with a new restaurant concept focusing on Viennese cooking, particularly Wiener Schnitzel. Florian Weitzer has transformed the restaurant in the five-star Hotel Grand Ferdinand on Vienna’s Ring Boulevard, and has recently opened “Meissl & Schadn” a new hotspot for Viennese cooking, including an authentic and cosy design.

“Meissl & Schadn” attracts even from the outside, with its obvious golden inscription “Schnitzellove”. If one however spots the chef preparing Wiener Schnitzel through the windows from the street, one simply has to enter and experience the unique ambience and the delicious Schnitzel, Tafelspitz (boiled beef) and CO.

Schnitzellovers can choose between three different frying fats: butter lard, pork fat and vegetable oil. The Wiener Schnitzel are served with either wild lingonberries, cucumber salad, potato salad, parsley potato or “Viennese garnish”.

With the Tafelspitz, “Meissl & Schadn” offers another highlight on the menu. At “Meissl & Schadn”, the Tafelspitz is served on a trolley and prepared right in front of the guests. 

Besides, “Meissl & Schadn” offers so-called “Asietten” or Hors D’Oeuvres, small Viennese delicacies, such as Viennese ham with horseradish cream and egg or Veal fillet goulash to name a few. 

Sweet treats such as fresh apple strudel, violet sorbet and homemade strawberry ice cream are served for dessert, including various coffee specialties. 

The characteristic beating that accompanies the proper tenderizing of the Schnitzel can be heard throughout the restaurant adding to an even more authentic experience. The mix of a bourgeois guesthouse, Parisian brasserie and Viennese cosiness makes “Meissl & Schadn” to a living room for Schnitzellovers and connoisseurs of Viennese cuisine.

Conclusion: Schnitzellove. Tafelspitzlove. Meissl & Schadn love.