Making of...Team Photoshooting

Daniela Kurz
4 October 2016

Monday morning, 8am, Vienna, 7th district, the hairdo is in place, the make-up is perfect. Great so, because it’s shooting time. Thus, we exchanged the office chair against the photo studio canvas and gave our best to make a good impression in front of the camera. What was not to be missed? Our individually designed speech bubbles. The idea and message behind it: illustrating the multicultural aspect of our team. In total, we derive from 18 countries and speak 17 different languages. A very colourful bunch of people. 

First step before the photo shooting: designing our speech bubbles accordingly - greetings in many different languages, various colours and a lot of creativity.

The result of the shooting: stunning photos with smiling faces and originally designed speech bubbles. The brilliant pictures will be integrated bit by bit into our advertising material, websites and Social Media channels.