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Mobile WiFi hotspots for your trip in more than 100 countries worldwide

Daniela Kurz
19 January 2017

With FLINK, roaming charges and the desperate search for free wireless hotspots when on vacation were yesterday! A handy pocket mobile hotspot makes unlimited surfing possible in more than 100 countries including Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Travelling through multiple countries? FLINK enables borderless surfing, using one hotspot only.

How it works:

1. Order your FLINK hotspot online and enter a hotel or private address, the hotspot can be delivered worldwide. The hotspot will be delivered to the address provided 1-3 days before your rental starts.

2. Switch on the hotspot and connect it to your devices. The FLINK hotspot can connect up to 5 devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) simultaneously.

3. Enjoy fast, unlimited internet access and share your (travel) experiences with your beloved ones at home and pay a fixed price per day.

4. Before departure, place the hotspot in the pre-stamped return envelope provided and hand it to the hotel reception or the next post office, if you ordered return via FedEx you can arrange a pick-up service.

FLINK hotspots can be rented between 1 and 31 days. The total cost depends on the rental duration and not on the data volume you used, it includes unlimited surfing, delivery and return costs vary depending on the country.

In case any (technical) questions arise, FLINK provides worldwide direct support via telephone or email.

Get FLINK and make your trip easier and more fulfilling!